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"Our look is second to none here at Sector 7 Films. It's what moviegoers are accustomed to seeing: the big theatrical look and sound. Above is a clip from a series we are currently working on called 'The Fallen'."

Why We Do It

Sector 7 Films' purpose is to provide high-quality motion pictures to the entertainment industry. Our company is headquartered in Augusta, GA. We are very fortunate to have secured a partnership with Warner Bros. distribution company. This deal allows us to have unlimited access to placement for all of our future projects. Sector 7 Films has an advantage over most film companies due to the fact we are a self-contained company. This means we can complete every aspect of filmmaking. Pre-production, Production, and Post Production are all completed in-house. The company has three teams that have been strategically formed over the years. They all possess the right skill set, work ethic, and attitudes for this type of undertaking. Sector 7 will impact the industry by incorporating new film technologies and inventions for the

next generation.

Da Baby video shoot with Sector 7

Game Time

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William E. Benston is the owner & founder of Sector 7 Films. He started the high end film company in August 2017. Mr. Benston devoted his life to pursuing his career in entertainment. Music Production was his introduction to the industry. The many talents of Mr. Benston afforded him the opportunity to work with the likes of Emory Jones, a well known businessman and close friend of Hip Hop legend Jay Z. Mr. Benston quickly learned how to navigate through the industry, garnering much respect and trust from other talented artists and business moguls. Benston had no idea of the journey ahead. His various skill sets and passionate nature opened the door to major opportunities which catapulted him to success. William started his first Film company called Free Dem Films in 2004.Mr. Benston filmed a variety of projects and was fortunate to work with artists such as DJ Khaled, Akon, Da Baby, Flo Rider, Trina, and so many more. After 15 years of filming music videos, commercials and documentaries including "The Rise Of Young Money”. He understood that the filming game was changing and what once took many to do could now be done by a few.  He had the forsite to understand where the film game was headed.  Mr. Benston took years to mastered as many elements of the filmmaking process as he could. Today Mr. Benston aka Billy does it all, from pre-production to post-production. He's a master cinematographer and well known for achieving that theatrical look that movie goers love to see. This skillful CEO expanded his team with people who are not only talented but driven to be number 1 in upscale cinematic content. Telling stories that people love to see with consistency being the goal.  Sector 7 is the type of company that comes once every hundred years or so and changes everything. We think both inside and outside the box. Our mission as  a company is to do it bigger, better, faster and raise the bar so high it will seem impossible to match. Warner Brothers has just released the Quacken!

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Business Meeting

2024 Sector 7 Movie Projects

Through The Door


In a secluded cabin nestled deep within a dense forest , Victoria, a strong-willed blind woman, finds herself imprisoned, uncertain of her fate. Kidnapped by Vincent, a hitman at the twilight of his career, she quickly realizes her abduction is not just a random act but one of calculated intent. Vincent, once the most feared assassin, is on the brink of retirement. But his past won't let him go so easily. unexpectedly , he’s visited by three of his former associates, each a lethal hitman in his own right. They bring with them a chilling ultimatum:Vincent has one final job to complete before he walks away from his life of crime. The job is simple-hold Victoria captive until her wealthy family pays a hefty ransom. As days turn into nights, an unintended intimacy develops between Victoria and Vincent. Separated by a locked door, their conversations become their only solace. Victoria, with her resilience and optimism, pierces through Vincent’s hardened exterior. She speaks of hope, second chance, and a world beyond the darkness they’re ensnared in.


 In a secluded home nestled within a dense forest, the wealthy family of Ron, his high-maintenance wife Rebecca, and his sweet-natured daughter Brianna from a previous marriage, prepare for a posh social gathering. As they set out, little do they realize their home is about to be invaded. The target: a safe in Ron’s home office. But the intruders efforts are thwarted when the family unexpectedly returns due to a flat tire. "Unraveled" takes viewers on an unforgettable, high-octane ride that challenges them to unravel its mysteries before the twisted and climactic conclusion is revealed.


We Have Mastered our Crafted

We've invested substantial effort to reach this juncture, securing a significant distribution deal, forging vital partnerships with major corporations, and assembling unparalleled film crews. Recognizing that this is only the inception, our path to becoming a dominant force in this industry demands a singular commitment. Outwork all, surpassing any individual or company. For us, it's as simple as that because our moment has arrived. We film out of love, labor for the future, and World-Wide Impact.

Our Look

When you experience a Sector 7 film, our goal is for you to become completely immersed in it. Our films exude the grandeur of a blockbuster, both in appearance and in the emotions they evoke. With a billion dollar visual appeal that resonates with audiences, we're regarded as the go to film company for unparalleled cinematic experiences. Click the stills above to witness perfection.

Our Sound

Sound Track Song 1
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From soundtracks to scoring, voice-overs to foley, the audio experience must be unparalleled. It holds equal importance to the visual aspects of the film. We approach sound with utmost seriousness and dedication. 

Our Goal

We wholeheartedly embrace the notion that the future has arrived, here and now. Within Sector 7, we embody the roles of creators, talents, visionaries, and entrepreneurs, united by a singular mission: to captivate and entertain our audience. It is with this resolute dedication that we have meticulously constructed our company from the foundation up. We firmly believe that by delivering what people truly desire, the extraordinary history we create becomes an inevitable outcome.

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Think About it

Vision Expansion

With three teams, we can effectively manage approximately three projects per quarter, assuming they don't heavily rely on visual effects. This annualizes to a total of 12 projects each year. If we take the lower end estimate, with a consumption of 700k units priced at $13.99 each, this results in a gross revenue of $117,516,000.00. Additionally, when factoring in income from product placement, soundtracks, and merchandise, we aim to continually expand our capacity by adding a minimum of three teams annually, ultimately reaching 12 teams by year 4.

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This does not include 
  • Soundtracks

  • Product Placement/Product Integration 

  • Third-Party Projects

  • Concerts

  • Relicensing year 1 and 2 Content

  • Merchandise 


Sector 7 and Warner Brothers partnership means we have distribution world wide.

We are Empowered... We got Impact… We got Reach…

Sector 7's partnership with Warner Bros. grants us unparalleled access to esteemed retail giants like Walmart and Target, as well as renowned streaming platforms including Netflix, Hulu, and HBO Max. Furthermore, our distribution network extends to encompass traditional movie theaters such as AMC, Edwards Cinema, Regal, Cinemark, and numerous other prominent venues. Thanks to our exceptional arrangement with Warner Bros., all that is needed is to consistently deliver high-quality and captivating content.

Business Conference

We are Building

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casting png.png

Sector 7 has over 100 dedicated actors, who are immersed in intensive training. 

At Sector 7 we Inspire, Influence, and Impact hearts and Minds throughout the world. Along with creating access and opportunities for those Minds through entertainment, education, and the power of exceptional storytelling.

Creative 7 Content is spearheaded by the esteemed and adept wordsmith, Henry Mitchell, who has meticulously curated a team of dedicated writers. Collectively, they refine the script, which serves as the preliminary framework, into the ultimate blueprint for the screenplays.

We've Thought This Out


It's a new day when it comes to film making. Sector 7 plans on doing more than just shooting great films once or twice a year. We feel as though we've been given an opportunity to set a new precedent in film making when done correctly.

Our Time


We Own All Cameras, All Studios, All Masters!

Sounds Good to Me

We don't just think about what we can do visually to increase your movie experience. We are also thinking of the sound. How will you hear what is being filmed. Everything from foley to ADR we want you to say "Wow that was different". We believe that what we have coming will make even the most seasoned filmed maker say, why didn't we think of that. 

Gdot- Let it blow
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GDot Savage _
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Gdot - Anger
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By My Side
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The Next Generation of Great Actors

Will Come From Sector 7 Films

Screenshot 2023-10-14 at 1.07.24 PM.png

Sector 7 sports

Sector 7 Sports will be producing compelling documentaries that delve into some of the most significant stories in the world of sports. Our aim is to provide an unfiltered, authentic experience that allows you to hear and witness these stories in their purest form. We have taken into account the desires of the people, and as a result, we proudly present exactly what you asked for.


Green Screen Yesterday

Unreal Engine Today And Beyond. 

Our plan is to build Unreal Engine film studios in the following locations: Atlanta, Miami, LA, New York and Maryland. We feel that this is the future of filmmaking and it will add a production value that until now could only be achieved with hundred million dollar budgets. The city below was created by unreal engine. This is who we are, it's what we do.
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