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Taking Film Into The Future
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Who We Are

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We are a black owned and operated film company. We've been in the film game for a little over 30 years now. Owner and founder WILLIAM BENSTON started with film cameras shooting low budget music video's to working his way to a company with 7 divisions. In the early 2000's Mr. Benston took 7 years from the game to go on a Spiritual Journey.  When Mr. Benston went back to the game he was on a different type of mission. Sector 7 films was born and he was on a quest to not only do powerful movies but also make them look and feel like the next generation of film making. Mr. Benston put together a team of the best Sound, VFX, Cameramen, Editors and Colorist he could assemble. Not only was he successful at doing so, they also went to work right away. Mr.Benston relocated to Atlanta GA. and started work on the first project that was many years in the making called Scar. Scar is a top secret project that the company says will change the film game forever. Mr. Benston shows Act 1 of Scar with Q R codes in the movie. The company says "that nothing compared to what's coming".

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Made in the hot sun
it's real


Made in Unreal Engine 5
VFX, it's hot

We're not just going to be in the film game
We plan on running it!

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Don't just see the movie
experience it!

Coming Soon

S 7 Metaverse Is Coming

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