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Our Up Coming Projects

We are in pre-production of our first feature film entitled, Scar.  It is just the first of many projects which we will be putting out over the next two years. Everything from action to drama is currently in in pre-production. We also have Sector 7 BOTS (Based On True Stories) coming next Fall.  In addition, we will introducing previously unheralded actors whom we will have the privilege of introducing to the world! So, stay tuned and get ready for some innovative, new content.

Always working

We have projects that we discuss doing all the time. Today we are in pre-production of our first big feature film entitled Scar. Just before we rap on Scar we  will go into pre-production of our next movie. Below are a few ideas we've been kicking around. You can click through a few of them to check them out. Click on the poster to read more about it. Let us know what you think we should do next.

Do you have an idea?

People always say to us " I have a good idea for a movie". Some of you really do and others need a little more work. Either way we would love to hear from you. give us a brief synopsis of your idea. If we like it a rep from Sector 7 will be in touch. It's that simple and you could be that close to seeing your vision become reality. You'll never know unless you try. fill out the info and let's see.

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