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We are looking for people who love acting like we love filming

Who's Ready To Work?

Sector 7 Films is happy to announce we have partnered with Casting 2 Productions. We want to bring actors into the Sector 7 Family. We work 10 months out of the year and specialize in motion pictures. We are known as a constant content company and take great pride in the fact we are always filming. We focus more on the end project than the deadline. Meaning we are after the prize not the speed. We do profit sharing with our actors so they feel good about working with us. 

Ready to Auditions

The good news is we can get started with your audition for a role in the movie right now. You don't have to be around a lot of people or drive across town. All you need to do is pick one of the sides below. Pick 1 page from the scripts below and get busy. Use your cell phone to record your audition. Save your very best one and upload it to YouTube. Send us the link using the contact form below with the subject casting.

The sides for actors


Keisha is a 17 years old outgoing high school girl. She's what some might call a little spoiled but she’s not a brat. She’s the glue that keeps her family together after tragedy strikes their household. She dresses fly and is the leader of her little click in school. Keisha is also very funny in a sarcastic kind of way.

Pastor James

Pastor James is a middle-aged man who recently lost everything. He went from being a well-respected pastor to a broke, out-of-work depressed man. He's trying to find his way back again but is having a hard time. Pastor James has a wry sense of humor. 


Lee is the little brother of Marcus. Lee is in his late 20's and loves to joke around all the time. He has a baby on the way so he's trying to get his life together. Lee also spends a lot of time playing video games. He's not mad at Marcus but really doesn't deal with him a lot because he doesn't approve of Marcus’ lifestyle.


Junie is 19 yrs. old  and lives alone in a house. His mother is on drugs and Junie had to grow up before his time. Junie is very smart and loves to read books. He is also very shy and has a hard time speaking to people. He wants to be a civil rights leader and help his community.


Meeka is the chick in the hood that knows something about everybody. Meeka is 22 years old with two children and has her own place. She dresses really sexy and loves attention no matter how it comes. She also is a little gangsta. Meeka is kind of loud and fast to fly off the handle and speak her mind.


Angel is around 29 years old. She is very smart and believes in Black power. She is very loving and always stands up for the less fortunate. She also seems as if she's giving up on love and wants nothing to do with any type of close relationship. She's funny and loves to play mom to everyone.

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