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A new day is here and we are ready to lead the way. Sector 7 Films in conjunction with Electa World are about to bring one of the best Meta-verse's the world has ever seen. Soon you will be able to visit the Sector 7 Films sound stages. You will not only be able to watch a movie in our Meta-Verse, but also see how we make them. Be a part of exclusive events that will only take place here. Don't take our word for it, stay tuned in and be a part of the ride. Along the way we will be making sure your experience is one you'll never forget. Our goal is to be the entertainment capital of the Meta-Verse.   

The New World

A New Way A New Day

Images if you will your in house and you get a knock on the door. It's date night and oh boy do you have something in store. You hand your date a pair of VR glasses and you both put them on. Your goal is to not only have a good time together but to also try an earn enough for the new business you want to start. You begin to watch the movie and before long she see's a QR code hidden in one of the scenes. She jumps up and puts her phone to the code. the code takes her to a path where you have to answer a couple of questions. In order to answer the question you both go into the VR version of the scene. You're looking for clues in 360 degrees of that scene that you could never do just watching the movie. You both feel as though you found the right answers to that path. The next step is to use your 10 dollar Troptions coin to enter your answers.  It cost 3 dollars to enter your answer. You got two right a one wrong. Your Troptions is now worth 8 dollars. You guys call it a night and pick back up two days later. Something amazing happened the two days you were gone. Jay Z and Beyonce started playing and that brought a wave of people to the game. Your Troption that was worth 8 dollars 2 days ago is now worth 18 dollars. you spend another dollar and get the answer right this time. You get to movie to the next path. That's how it works and that's how we as a people are going to bring wealth to the black community.  Oh by the way, When you saw the value go up you you both decided the buy more Troptions. One year later you didn't win the million dollar NFT's or the cash prizes but the Troptions you brought one year ago for 10 dollars a coin is now worth 1 thousand dollars a coin. You guys brought 20 of them. You just got paid to help our people rise. It works if we work it. We have the path to a brighter future, We just need to decide if we are willing to try.  

Seeing Is Believing 

 VR Headset
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