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Sector 7 True Stories

We believe some of the best stories are true stories. People love watching things that happened in real life. As movie makers, it's our job to give the people what they want. Sector 7 True Stories is a division of Sector 7 Films that will focus on bringing you just that. From short stories to major motion pictures this is the mission. So sit back get your popcorn and get ready to watch real life., Sector 7 style.




I want to hear your story. It doesn't have to be perfect. Start with a half of page to a page .

Your story

So many people say things like, my life could be a movie. The funny thing is some of them are right. Notice I said some. Not every story is a movie. Some may make a good documentary or short story. Let me help you with that. My team and I are combing through every submission. That means we will read what you send in. You have nothing to lose and a movie to gain.  Real talk!

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