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Welcome to the Rise Of Young Money

strategy and budget brakedown

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The Dream Lives

After the filming of “The Rise of Young Money” in 2009, the filming company was informed they could not release the movie due to contractual issues. As a result, the movie sat untouched and unseen by the world for over 14 years. In 2023 we were contacted the owner of a major advertisement company. He was convinced this was the perfect time for the movie to make its debut. He was also certain that his advertisers would jump at this opportunity. The funding from these advertisers would be put in an escrow account and used for clearances, licensing, artist payments all backed and insured. With those very big obstacles off the table, we felt like this film was a product we could get behind. After all, once it was pulled off, it would be one of the most powerful documentaries of all time. What you're about to read is the game plan of how the most anticipated movie in hip-hop history is coming together. The people, companies, and planning involved.

We Already Have Strong Relationships With Top Brands

Original Trailer to movie 14 years ago

We Can Legally Use The Name



We also have a very close relationship with the copyright holders of "The 50th Anniversary of Hip Hop". This is why we truly feel this was a very important relationship to form for multiple reasons. The biggest and most obvious is that we can stamp this project as the “50th Anniversary” addition in correlation with our NFTs, BTS, parties, merchandise, and

soundtrack. This will also be a very important highlight to emphasize when we do any shows or concerts that are project related.

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We Started At The End


Ray Murphy Jr.

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The very first thing we wanted to do was line up the end game. We understand better than anyone, what good a movie that has never been seen is. We also understood that the company we did business with had to have the ability to not only open doors but understand the black market. They had to also have the ability to do everything from a huge theatrical release to

having relationships with streaming platforms so we could possibly license the film. Murphy Media Distribution was the best way for us to do business for obvious reasons: we wanted to position our company to align with people who really have the capability to take us to the top; we believe that Murphy Media Distribution is a company that understands what type of PR is

needed to thrive; we trust that they will contribute to maximizing our black digital footprint effectively in a predominately white marketplace; and lastly, an added layer of protection from doing business with anyone who doesn’t support our vision. We are not in this just to make a profit, we plan on making a statement

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How We Make It Happen

Both of Lil Wayne's childhood friends Marly and Charles are co-producers of this project. This move was made for a couple of reasons. When Marly saw the footage, it really touched him. He asked to be a part of the project in order to give Lil Wayne his flowers now. We also wanted these guys on board because they have access to all the major artists we would like to interview including Lil Wayne's musical friends and actors. The plan is to go to them first, anywhere they are just so they can say a few good words about Lil Wayne and Hip Hop itself. Once it's all said and done, we plan on producing a rough cut and presenting it to Young Money and investors. After Lil Wayne’s review of the film, he will touch on how he feels about his career and what hip-hop means to him as an inclusion to the production. We strongly believe that Lil Wayne trusts these guys and that is why we always have the access we do. Finally, we would love to end the movie with a touching word or two from Birdman to Lil Wayne.


What We Plan To Accomplish

This project is very unique in many ways. One being what we must do in order to pull off. We can’t go the traditional route because it’s so unorthodox. Keep in mind we are not filming one superstar but three. Not to mention all of the celebrity friends that come with it. Each asking for different dates, things, ways, times, money, points, deals, demands, and favors. We must

navigate through all challenges and come out with a top-notch project. When we sat down, we understood one thing. When they can give the green light, we must turn on the cameras and keep them rolling until we feel like have more than enough material to stop. This approach provides access to every Young Money member old and new; backstories on everyone from the original film; and stories from friends and family. Done correctly, we understand the possibilities are endless. Not only will be filming, but there will be another crew following us to get the BTS (Behind the Scenes). Once the project is in the can, we will have enough footage to do the following.

1. The Rise Of Young Money Documentary

2. The Docuseries.

3. The Behind The Scene Footage

4. A Concert (For the 50th)

5. Footage for advertisers (Already asking)

6. Rare NFT's

7. Sound Track   (50th Artist)


The Right Team For The Job

With 30 years in the film game, Sector 7 Films CEO William Benston is the man for the job. As a master cinematographer and editor of the film. William put together a team of cameramen, colorists, sound engineers, grip, SFX make-up artists, and producers that are 2nd to none. The mission is to come into the industry with a bang by filming 7 full-length movies back to back. Kicking everything off with one of the biggest documentaries the world has ever seen is a really good start. William has been quoted saying, "We have a major look and sound plus a work ethic that I've never seen anywhere else. We know it and soon the world will too". This team is incredible and insists on letting their work speak for them. So please stay tuned.

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Screen Shot 2022-05-08 at 11.17.47 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-05-08 at 11.16.53 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-05-09 at 1.55.49 PM.png

We Film Major Motion Pictures

Screen Shot 2022-06-03 at 8.56.41 PM.png

By the way, the Young Money movie is amazing

What Are We Asking?

We are asking for 2 million dollars not to fund the entire project, but to get us to the place where we are considered active. You must remember we already have a full documentary ready to go. We are simply filming some current footage to add in and bring the movie full circle. The 2 million we are seeking will cover the entire documentary. That's edits, coloring, mixed, and mastered ready for sale. We understand the opportunity that we’ve been blessed with. The fact of the matter is we will have enough footage to cut more than one deal. In fact, we believe the success of the documentary will have streaming platforms going crazy for more, and we will have it. This is simply a matter of forward-thinking. Using both Young Money and The 50th Anniversary Of Hip Hop to pull off one of the greatest hip-hop projects the world has ever seen. We don't start a project of this magnitude with talk, we start it off with action. We aim to make everyone understand this production is the one to be a part of; This film features the biggest hip-hop artists in the world from start to finish; Eddie Murphy's business partner is putting together the distribution for a theatrical release; we are free and clear to use the name "50th Anniversary of Hip-Hop" by the copyright holders; Andrew Knox (CEO of AKM Productions) is handling all clearances and licensing fully insured; Sector 7 Films is handling all the film work from start to end so we never have to worry about none completion; Advertisers ready and in place to give millions once we meet their demands; 3-night concert in the works with all the bells and whistles (more info available upon request to partners). This is what we put together and are bringing to the table.

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Before The Fame

Our Budget

Our budget is based on what we need to complete the filming and satisfy our obligations. The documentary being completed for our budget covers a couple of things. 1. the Documentary 2. The Docuseries 3. The BTS. 4. The NFTs. 5. Footage for advertisers. We will also be filming beyond the completion of the film with monies covered by our advertisers. We are not asking any investor for one dollar beyond this point. We will be gearing up for the concert portion of the campaign. Since this part will be put together by promoters, we don't have control over the artist. We do, however, have control over the filming of the concert. Sector 7 Films will be the exclusive film company of the concert. All of the footage belongs to us and we will at best have another documentary and at worst more priceless footage for the project and beyond. We will have the same co-producers on this project as well. This is not your regular filming of a documentary type of platform. We learned the first time that does not work. These guys move 24-7 from one place to another. We are talking about keeping the camera rolling and shooting in shifts for a couple of months. Constantly traveling from one place to another and always dumping and backing up footage that will be worth millions of dollars. We will have a production and post-production trailer with 2 pickup trucks pulling each. We can undo the trailers and move around fast when called for. Cooking, eating, and sleeping on the road until the job is done. This is how we win at the end of this endeavor and pull off one of the biggest hip-hop projects in history. Whoever we ultimately team up with, I want to say thank you for your participation and welcome abroad. Below is the link to the budget breakdown.


Click To Request

All contacts & contracts will be made available to investors/investors brought on to this project. The investment will be paid back in full of thefirst monies made from the project. Once the investment is made whole profit sharing begins.

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